Underfloor Heating

Energy efficient underfloor heating to suit any type of property.

Underfloor Heating

Whether you are looking to replace an existing central heating system in your home, add underfloor heating to a particular room, or you’re looking for an underfloor heating solution for a commercial property, our friendly team are here to advise on the most suitable solution for you. There are no hidden extras or last minute surprises – we’ll give you a transparent quote right at the start so you know exactly what to expect, and our expert engineers will complete the installation.

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Tried And Tested

It’s easy for anyone to say they’re good at something, but we’ve got Energy Efficiency Awards and reviews to prove it.

Energy Savings

Our Energy Efficiency Award recognises the work we’ve put into ensuring our customers receive great energy efficiency.

Manufacturer Warranty

All our underfloor heating systems come certified with a full manufacturer warranty, so we’ll be there to deal with any issues.

Customer Satisfaction

We take pride in our exceptionally high feedback ratings and always go the extra mile to keep our customers happy.


Improve your heating efficiency, save on monthly bills, and have cosy feet!

Underfloor heating is an efficient and affordable way to heat your home. Warm water underfloor heating uses far lower flow temperatures than a radiator system, and since it covers a way larger area it’s still able to heat the space effectively. As a result, underfloor heating is around 25% more efficient than radiators, and reducing your energy consumption isn’t only great for the environment, but it brings down your monthly heating bills.

"When renovating our home we considered underfloor heating but was uncertain about doing something different. CP12 Energy talked us the through the process and helped us reach the solution that was right for us. We could not be happier that we did. There is something special about a home heated by underfloor heating, there is an ambiance of warmth that makes the home feel like it is constantly being cuddled. Not to mention the beautiful feeling of the warmth on your feet, even in the cold winter months. It has transformed our home from stuffy warm to a cosy one. I could not recommend CP12 Energy underfloor heating service enough."

Sara - Homeowner

Paul Woodcock - Director at CP Maintenance Ltd.

The benefits of underfloor heating

Many people view underfloor heating as an unnecessary expense, however upgrading brings many benefits. The first – and to most people, the most important – benefit is energy efficiency. Our underfloor heating systems keep you warm, using less energy than central heating systems, and with this increased efficiency you can save money on your heating bills too. Another advantage of underfloor heating systems is how they feel. As the heat gently emits upwards from the ground, it makes usually cold floors warm to the touch. It also produces an even warmth, eliminating any cold spots or draughts that are common with radiators. And on top of all this, underfloor heating can add thousands to the value of a property.

Hidden and safe

Underfloor heating systems are hidden because the tube is installed beneath the floor. This frees up wall space, ideal for rooms that require all the space they can get. Underfloor heating also has no exposed sharp edges or hot radiators – a safe choice for young children and the elderly. This makes underfloor heating ideal for homes and commercial projects like schools and care homes. Underfloor heating has the additional advantage of being more suitable for allergy sufferers because it provides heating free from draughts and dust movements that can aggravate conditions.

Will underfloor heating
save me money?

In most cases, the installation of underfloor heating has the potential to scale back energy consumption meaning your energy bills are going to be much lower. With the development in underfloor heating technology, the prices related to installing underfloor heating have fallen sharply in recent years. Additionally, when the time comes to sell your home and move to a new house, having underfloor heating installed will undoubtedly add value to your property.

Underfloor heating
finance options

Spreading the cost of your underfloor heating is a great way to enjoy all the benefits and efficiencies of a new heating system without having to pay for it all upfront. Our monthly finance options are flexible and easy to manage, making it easy to take advantage of a new energy efficient underfloor heating system. And because we’re committed to being totally transparent, we’ll provide you with details of all the costs upfront. Monthly payments are available to private residential and commercial customers, so contact us today to discuss your options in more detail and we’ll be delighted to find the right solution for you.

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