Gas leaks occur when the pipe work is not maintained or when the gas appliances are faulty. Although natural gas and liquid petroleum gas are not poisonous, they are highly flammable. For your safety and to make it easier to figure out a gas leak, there is a chemical added to the gas that has a smell.
If your gas pipes are easy to access, you can keep a check on them to avoid gas leaks. If there is any discoloration, signs, damage, or rusting, you must get them checked by CP12 Energy.
What Leads To a Gas Leak
Gas leaks that take place in homes are the result of bad maintenance, loose fittings, or defected appliances like cookers and boilers.
The problem with loose fittings is that there is space for the gas to escape. This is the major reason why you must make sure you are getting your gas pipes installed by an accredited gas company like CP12 Energy.
If you have been using the same appliances for a long time, you need to make sure you get them regularly serviced. Accredited gas companies say that using second hand appliances in new homes can be risky.
What to Do When You Smell Gas
If you can smell gas, the first thing you must do is call the Gas Emergency Service or CP12 Energy (0191 440 6274).
If You Smell Gas, Do Not:
 Light a cigarette
 Light matches or lighters
 Turn lights or any electrical switches on or off
 Blow out candles and other naked flames
You must open all the windows and doors, and turn off the gas supply meter until your house is out of danger.
For trustworthy gas pipe maintenance, contact CP12 Energy.

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