Homeowners know how annoying it can be to pay hefty bills especially when all you want is to keep your house warm. Unfortunately, heating does cost a lot, which is why you need to opt for a smarter heating option. The best thing to get is an energy efficient boiler to help you prevent that expense!
Read on to find out the endless benefits of this new boiler.
Combination Boiler
A combination (or combi) boiler is a “high efficiency water heater” and a “central heating boiler” in just one unit. This boiler can directly heat the water right after it comes out of the tap so there is no need to get a water storage cylinder or tank for the roof.
The best part about these boilers is that they are energy-efficient and cost-effective because the water is immediately heated rather than having to store it anywhere. A bonus to this boiler is that the heated water gets delivered from the main pressure.
• The compact size of this boiler is small which is why it is great for small properties
• It is the ideal boiler for spaces that are crowded
• Since there is no need for a water cylinder, there is more living space
• Less pipe work
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