Morpeth gas boiler

Gas Boiler Installations, Boiler Repairs and CP12 Certificates In Morpeth

The compact county town of Morpeth, Northumberland is situated on the east flowing River Wansbeck and is 2 km from the A1. Since 1982 this small town has been the administrative centre of the county of Northumberland. The small town has a variety of housing. Where CP12 Energy have serviced and installed many gas appliances.

Gas Boiler Installations Morpeth

In accordance with Morpeth council all gas boiler installations, along with any other heat producing appliances like a fire, need to be registered at the Local Authority to meet with Building Regulations. This is because it is illegal to install a boiler or a heating appliance into a property without a building regulations certificate.

As the owner of the property, the responsibility falls upon you to ensure that Building Regulations are complied with when installing a boiler or gas appliance. As a result, it is key that you get a gas safe engineer to complete the work. All CP12 Energy engineers are gas safe registered and therefore can complete the work in compliance with the building regulations and in a safe manner, keeping your home risk free.

Gas Maintenance and Repairs in Morpeth

Your gas boiler is an essential part of your home and highly rely on it to bring heating and hot water especially in those winter months. Carrying out an inspection and service on your boiler will keep it running smoothly, reducing the risk of a breakdown and helping to prolong the life of your boiler.

You will need a registered engineer to conduct the service of the boiler and in addition they will provide advice and tips on using your heat more efficiently saving you money as a landlord by reducing costs.

CP12 Certificates for Morpeth

The idea behind the CP12 Certificate is to provide evidence that the landlord of the property has followed their legal obligations in relation to the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998.

Faulty gas appliances can pose a threat to you and your surrounding area and can cause devastating outcomes such as gas leaks that can result in suffocation or an explosion. This is why your gas appliances should be checked annually by a gas safe registered engineer and receive a new/updated CP12 Certificate each time.

Why use CP12 Energy for Gas and Heating in the North East

CP12 Energy are a gas safe registered business with a team full of engineers who are fully qualified and are on the gas safe register. All CP12 Energy gas safe engineers carry their ID card at all times and will show this before any work is started. To check the gas safe register, follow this link

In addition, CP12 Energy has been accredited by several boards and therefore their engineers will follow a code of professional standards and are qualified to complete the services and installations required for gas and heating appliances in a safe manner and to the highest quality.

Some gas appliance services can become a large expense, however CP12 Energy offer competitive rates and with their friendly office staff can arrange access with tenants on your behalf.