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What to do if my boiler is not working?

When you cannot get your boiler to work, identify the error code displayed on the boiler to relate to us when calling to report the issue. If no error code is present, please give us a brief outline of the issues you are experiencing for us to advise further. Some faults could be easily resolved by topping up the pressure on your boiler or resetting it, our friendly office will be happy to advise you on how to do so if that is the case or arrange an appointment for one of our Engineers to attend the property to resolve.

What areas do you cover?

CP12 Energy covers a wide range of areas across the North East. Beginning with the top end of Northumberland right down to Stockton-on-Tees. If unsure, we are a phone call away to answer any queries you may have.

If I am homeowner, can I benefit?

At CP12 Energy, we are always happy to help regardless if you have 1000 properties or 1. We are passionate about Gas and Heating and we will be ready to assist you in any way that we can.

I own multiple properties; would I qualify for a discount for the landlord Gas Safety checks?

We offer a multiple property discount for your CP12’s and annual services. Just give us a ring and we will ensure to give you a great price for your annual Landlord gas safety checks.

Would I be required to send a new job order annually when my property is due a gas safety check?

Our system will ensure that you never miss a gas safety check again. Two months prior to the gas check expiring, we will send you an email to see if you require the gas check to be carried out. We will then verify the contact details of the tenant in case there are any changes. Once confirmed we will schedule the CP12 check to be carried out before it expires.

I have a large portfolio of properties that require the gas safety checks, how should I send the jobs over?

Our clients normally email the property addresses over with the tenant’s details, either with an attached data sheet or simply written in an email format. We are flexible in the way that works best for you. Once the information is received we will input the details onto our system and begin working on them right away.

We received a warning label for a gas appliance at our property, what do we do?

Our staff will ensure that you get informed and receive the best and most cost-effective option to resolve the issue. We will email you to inform you as to why the appliance required a warning label and a quote for the work required. Once the go ahead has been received we will schedule it in to be completed right away.

What boilers do we install?

We are a Baxi accredited installer but can also install a range of other types including Worcester, Valliant, Potterton and Main. We will recommend the boiler most suited for your needs.

I require a boiler installation; what do I do?

Just give us a ring with information of the property and an engineer will visit to carry out a free survey of the property. A written estimate will then be sent to you considering the following:

  • The make and size of boiler required
  • Location of the new boiler
  • Required heating controls
  • Old appliances that need to be removed and disposed of
  • Existing gas supply and whether an upgrade is needed
  • Any new radiators to be installed
  • Any building or electrical work required
  • Landlord Gas Safe Certificates Made Easy. Enter your details below
    Urgency Level