CP12 Certificate And Boiler Service

CP12 Certificate And Boiler Service

All landlords are required to have their gas appliances serviced regularly to make sure they’re efficient and safe. But what is the CP12 certificate, and do you need an annual boiler service?

What is a CP12 certificate?

A landlord who is renting out property must have a Gas Safety Certificate, as it is a legal requirement. A Gas Safe registered engineer visits the property to conduct checks on all of the gas appliances and pipework to certify that tenants will be safe and protected against gas or Carbon Monoxide leaks. The CP12 certificate is an annual obligation.

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Do I need an annual boiler service?

You should aim to get your boiler serviced on a regular basis to make sure it is working correctly. A defective boiler could be wasting you money on energy bills and could even start leaking poisonous carbon monoxide. To prevent costly repairs and detect any leaks you should get your boiler serviced by a Gas Safe Registered engineer once a year.

What happens during a boiler service?


  • Inspection of your boiler and controls to make sure they’re working properly.
  • Check of your boiler for corrosion and leaks.
  • Taking off the casing of your boiler to inspect the main components.
  • Checking the gas pressure.
  • Testing the flue to make sure it’s not emitting any unsafe fumes.
  • Cleaning the parts (if tests indicate they need it).
  • Checking the seals.


Need to arrange a CP12 Certificate or boiler service?

If you choose CP12 Energy for your Landlord’s Gas Safety Inspection (CP12) plus Gas Boiler Service, one of our approved Gas Safe registered engineers can provide you with a Gas Safety Inspection (CP12) plus carry out a boiler service to help you keep your boiler running smoothly.

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