Boiler Maintenance Tips For Landlords – What to know

Boiler Maintenance Tips For Landlords

With another lovely summer in the UK you are probably not think about the boiler in your tenanted property… you should! Some boiler maintenance carried out in early Autumn will not only save you money by preventing boiler repairs but also potentially save your reputation as a landlord. Boilers which are not maintained can become faulty and faulty boilers can be a huge conflict between landlord and property occupier. Also, remember that a well maintained boiler will be much more safe and efficient and save your tenants money on their fuel bills. This can be a huge positive for renting your property again.

1. Annual boiler service

Getting your boiler serviced annually will it is working properly and reduces the risk of any costly repairs in the winter months. A skilled Gas Safe engineer will be able to make adjustments to the running of the boiler to ensure that it is running safely and efficiently for your tenants. The engineer will inspect the boiler to ensure the main components are working and accessible areas a clean. Getting your boiler serviced in September will ensure that your boiler is ready for heavier use by your tenants in the Autumn and Winter months.

2. Keep the pressure up

Boilers don’t run properly when the pressure is too low. The right pressure is between 1 and 1.5 bar. This is easy to check as there is a dial on the front of your boiler. If the pressure is low, then you can top it up, but please remember to do this carefully as it is easy to damage the boiler’s Pressure Release Valve. If this part is damaged, then you will need to call a Gas Safe engineer to fix the problem.

3. Check your pipes

If there is water dripping from the overflow pipe (located outside your property), it could mean that there is a problem with the boiler. This could be a fault. You could also lag your pipes. Prevention is better than cure, so the best time for pipe lagging is before winter sets in.

4. Ensure you have your Gas Safety Certificate (CP12)

Landlords are legally required to get all the gas appliances and flues in their residential property portfolio checked every year and provided with a Gas Safety certificate. This gas safety check must be undertaken by a properly-qualified engineer. Find out all you need to know about the landlord gas safety certificate.

Annual boiler maintenance in Newcastle…

Based near the Newcastle area, we are experts in gas and heating and can provide expert servicing and maintenance for your boiler. Annual boiler maintenance is important for making sure that your central heating system is able to run effectively all year round and avoid costly repairs and bad experiences for your tenants.

All of our North East heating engineers are Gas Safe registered and fully qualified for the range of boiler maintenance and repair services that we offer.

To discuss with our Newcastle and North East serving customer service team about how you could benefit from boiler maintenance and repairs, or to book a boiler service for a property, call 0191 440 6274 today or use the form.