Underfloor Heating In The North East

Underfloor Heating In The North East

Underfloor heating is an innovative solution that could revolutionise your home. This cutting-edge approach can help you to feel comfortable and reduce the amount of visible heating equipment in your property.
With this combination of style and function, it’s no wonder that this type of heating solution is growing in popularity for homeowners in the North East and beyond.
As a leading provider of underfloor heating in the North East, CP12 Energy understands this innovative heating product and why it could benefit many homeowners.
If you’re unsure about what underfloor heating is, or whether it will meet your needs, then keep reading. 
In this latest blog post, we’ll explain what underfloor heating is and why you should consider installing this innovative heating system in 2021. 

What Is Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating is a type of heating system that involves installing pipework beneath your home’s floor.
Using a network of pipes, underfloor heating can pump heated water around your home and keep you and your loved ones nice and comfortable all year round.
The heating system uses warm water, therefore saving you energy, which can make it a cost-effective and eco-friendly option for many households. 
You can use a wide variety of heat sources for this heating solution, including combi, system or regular boilers, as well as heat pumps, furnaces and even stoves. It can be powered by almost any type of fuel, whether it’s oil, gas, electricity or even biofuel for your biomass heater. 
As such, this type of heating solution is versatile and will work in a wide range of properties. It is popular in large and small homes alike, so whatever your requirements, you can usually find an underfloor heating solution that will meet them. 
An underfloor heating system can heat each ‘zone’ or section of your home to a specific temperature. As heat rises, heating your home from the floor enables you to make the most out of the warmth and reduce energy waste. 

Why Should You Install Underfloor Heating?

For most homeowners, putting their heating under their flooring can provide you with a cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative to traditional heating solutions, such as radiators or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units.
Some of the many benefits of underfloor heating are:
• These heating systems keep your home warm and snug, giving you maximum comfort
• The water used for underfloor heating is heated to a lower temperature than the water radiators use, making this a cost-effective and energy-efficient option
• Underfloor pipes can heat your room uniformly, unlike traditional heating systems, which often leave draughty corners
• Having underfloor heating installed in your home can increase its value
• Unlike HVACs, underfloor heating doesn’t spread air around your property, meaning that this solution is ideal for homeowners with allergies or respiratory problems
• Underfloor heating retains the moisture in the air, unlike some radiators
• These systems are quiet and unobtrusive so you if it weren’t for the warmth you would not know that they were there
• These systems are robust enough to cope with even the coldest of Northern winters
• With reliable installation experts like CP12 Energy, you can get your underfloor heating installed quickly and easily 
• All of our products come with a manufacturer warranty, so if something goes wrong we’ll be there to help
• Maintaining your system is easy, and our experts can service it for you so that it runs well and lasts for as long as possible
All of these benefits and more could be yours if you choose to install a heating system under the flooring of your property. 

Is This Type Of Heating Suitable For Your Home?

Before you call us and schedule your installation, you need to know if this solution is right for your home.
Whether you live in a flat or a terraced house, a bungalow or a cosy cottage, this solution works well for almost every type of property. 
That being said, there are some disadvantages to underfloor heating that could affect your decision. For example, getting underfloor heating could raise the height of your home’s floors.
While the system itself won’t affect the height of the floor, the additional insulation and other equipment could lead to raised floors.
If you have disabilities or an unusually-shaped home, then raising the height of your floor to heat your property could cause you issues.
Additionally, this solution requires your floors to be removed and then replaced, which can mean that there’s a lot of disruption in your home.
However, these disadvantages pale in comparison to the benefits of underfloor heating. If you want to keep your family warm against the chilly winters we get in the North East, then you should work with professionals who can adapt to these issues.
We can help you to time your installation so that it doesn’t disturb your family, and so that you can quickly start enjoying the benefits of your new heating solution. 
The best way to know if this solution is a good idea for your home is to talk to a heating expert. Our team is skilled in 
installing a wide range of heating solutions to give you practical and impartial advice. 

Get In Touch For More Information

So, there you have it! Our guide to why putting your heating solutions under your home’s flooring could be the answer to all of your home’s heating issues. 
If you want to find out more about how you can find the underfloor heating services that you need in the North East, then contact CP12 Energy today. 
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