The Benefits Of Wet Underfloor Heating

The benefits of wet underfloor heating

Gone are the days of thinking that wet underfloor heating is an unnecessary expense as now that it has been tried and tested in many homes, we now know that there are a vast amount of benefits to having it installed. Here are a few need-to-know reasons why underfloor heating is a must have for your home or property. 

Underfloor heating improves your heating efficiency

By covering a much larger area than radiators, wet underfloor heating it is able to heat the area much faster and more effectively. Not only this but warm water underfloor heating uses far lower flow temperatures than a radiator system. Hello savings and goodbye high bills!

Add value to your property

Whether you’re upgrading your home or renovating a property, the aim to increase property value for whenever you choose to sell is always important. With wet underfloor heating, you’re sure to add a quality to the property which increases its value. As more and more people see the benefits to underfloor heating, the demand is only increasing and so your property will stand out above the rest. Expect to sell quickly and add value.

No cold spots

As “UK-winter-surviors” we all know how tricky it can be to stay warm at home and keep the costs low. Even with radiators blasting, socks and slippers are needed to brave stepping onto cold floors. With underfloor heating, your house will be completely free of any cold spots or pesky drafts taking away from the warmth you’re trying to achieve. Walk around, allow your little one to crawl, or pamper your precious pet’s paws with peace knowing that the home is evenly warm from the ground up. 

Freedom of design

With more wall space and a less cluttered room, you are able to explore all the ways you can decorate the space free from constraints. Infact, up to 10% more wall and floor space is gained with underfloor heating. So, you can get that Pinterest-worthy living space you’ve dreamed of or that Instagram before and after photo that shows your design flare justice. 

Safety and comfort

With underfloor heating, you no longer need to worry about surfaces in access that are hot to the touch or have harsh edges. This heating system is tucked out of the way whilst giving you maximum warmth meaning any younger members of the household are snug without worry. As well as this, radiant heat from underfloor heating is much better for air quality as it keeps it fresh and oxygen-rich. With radiators, there is a decrease in oxygen levels and as the thermal air rises to the ceiling and back down dust is able to circulate the room meaning more allergens are in the air. Underfloor heating gives you a safe solution to these issues. 

Underfloor heating works with all floor coverings

Work with the type of flooring that best suits you and your property with wet underfloor heating. It is compatible with tile and stone, wood, carpet and vinyl meaning that you are free to choose any flooring option you desire.

It’s easy to install

Underfloor heating solutions are much easier to install than many people think. As they’re suitable for both new-build and renovation projects, the solution of underfloor heating can quickly be applied in any home. Any project should be completed by a professional with experience in installing underfloor heating. Experts at this can be found here.

It allows you to be future-friendly

As we continue to move away from radiators and see why wet underfloor heating is the better option, any property not up to speed appears more and more dated. By adding underfloor heating to your property (whether it be residential or commercial) demonstrates that you have worked on the property up to the current standards of living and for optimal energy effectiveness. 

The cost of installation is going down

Whilst the added value of underfloor heating remains high, the cost of installation is decreasing to allow for competitive pricing to exist. More and more people are on board with having this flooring installed and so, the best prices must be available to stand out from the crowd. So, now’s your chance to maximise on value and minimise on cost. 

How to know the best provider to choose?

As well as there being benefits to choosing wet underfloor heating, there are also pros to certain providers. When choosing a provider you will want to ensure that they are:  
– Tried and tested
Look out for awards, case studies from satisfied customers and high reviews and ratings. 
Able to provide you energy efficiency 
Is there any data or certification to back up their promise to provide you with an energy efficient solution?
– Certified with a full manufacturer warranty 
With this in place the provider will be able to be there to deal with any issues that may arise.
– Capable at offering you a variety of payment methods
A provider that understands its customers will know that a new boiler is not always top of the priority list and instead creeps up out of nowhere. A finance scheme is a benefit to going with one provider over another.
– Able to save you time and hassle
No solution is worth it if it costs you your time and peace, so, a company that truly knows how to put the customer first is a must. Look out for plenty of customer testimonials to ensure that people are happy with the service.
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