Gas Boiler Installations, Repairs And CP12 Certificates In Whitley Bay

Gas Boiler Installations, Repairs And CP12 Certificates In Whitley Bay

Whitley Bay is a seaside town on the North East coast of England bounded by the coastline of the North Sea. Historically in Northumberland, it is administered as part of the borough of North Tyneside in Tyne and Wear and is located a short 10 miles east of Newcastle Upon-Tyne. With the cold breeze from the sea, heating is essential in Whitley Bay, luckily CP12 Energy have serviced and installed many boilers and gas appliances in this area providing quality service and keeping properties warm. 

Gas Boiler Installations Whitley Bay

At CP12 our process is simple for when you require maintenance or repairs because the last thing you want is more problems when you are having issues with your home. 

Step 1) Arrange Call Out
Submit your details or give us a call and arrange for one of our experienced engineers to evaluate the property, boiler or heating system.

Step 2) Issue Diagnosis 
For repair work a diagnosis of issues on the boiler or system will enable the gas safer registered engineer to provide a cost-effective quote to carry out the heating or boiler repairs.

Step 3) Repairs and Maintenance 
Repairs will be carried out to ensure all issues have been rectified with constant updates to keep you informed. Maintenance can be ongoing.

Why not arrange a survey today and prevent any potential issues in the near future? 

CP12 Certificates for Whitley Bay

Gas is a popular form of fuel because it is affordable and convenient to use and as a result many people have gas appliances in their homes. However, while gas is convenient to use it is also very flammable and dangerous. Your gas connections and appliances can be a fire hazard if aren’t well maintained and in working order. This is why the government have made it a legal requirement for every household and landlord to have an annual gas safety certificate (CP12 Certificate). 

The CP12 Certificate is a document provided by the gas safer registered engineer proving your connections and gas appliances are in good condition and are safe to use. For the certificate to be valid the service needs to be undertaken by a gas safe registered engineer so always check their ID before any work commences. 

Why use CP12 Energy for Gas and Heating

CP12 Energy specialise in all aspects of gas and heating with gas safe engineers for both domestic and commercial work. Our expert team are highly experienced in landlord gas and heating cover and repair – from the CP12 annual Gas Safety check to the bespoke central heating system. 
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