Gas Boiler Installations, Maintenance and CP12 Certificates In Gateshead

Gas Boiler Installations, Maintenance and CP12 Certificates In Gateshead

Gateshead is a constantly changing borough combining modern facilities with a fascinating heritage. The borough stretches 13 miles along the south bank of the River Tyne and covers 55 square miles, making it the largest out of the five Tyne and Wear authorities. With its large urban hub centred around the main town centre and a number of small urban centres, CP12 Energy have been able to service, install and complete gas safety checks for all these areas specialising the gas appliance for the property type and area.

Gas Boiler Installations Gateshead

A typical boiler installation can become complicated and confusing as there are quite a few things to consider. There are three main types of gas condensing boilers to choose from:

A combination boiler, also known as a combi boiler, eliminates the need for a storage tank as this heat your water as and when you need it.

A heat only boiler which is seen as the conventional boiler comes with a hot water tank or cylinder that stores your hot water for later use.

The system boiler is commonly used for a busier household which requires a store of hot water. If you choose a pressurised hot water system, there will be no need for tanks or cylinders which can lead to increased efficiency.

In addition to which type of boiler to go for there is getting the most efficient size of boiler for your property which will be unique to your home as the size depends on factors like how many bathrooms your property has and how many people live there etc.

CP12 Energy can help you make these decisions and make the process a lot easier by sending out an engineer to observe the property and ask questions about your property to get an idea to what boiler is best for your home. As well as answering any questions you may have as well. This allows the engineers to recommend the boiler which will keep you warm but is most efficient saving money on those ever-growing energy bills.

Gas Maintenance and Repairs in Gateshead

Your gas boiler is an essential part of your home and highly rely on it to bring heating and hot water for your tenants. Carrying out an inspection and service on your boiler will keep it running smoothly throughout the year, reducing the risk of a breakdown and helping to prolong the life of your boiler.

You will need a registered engineer to conduct the service of the boiler and in addition they will provide advice and tips on using your heat more efficiently saving you money as a landlord by reducing costs.

CP12 Certificates for Gateshead

Once the gas safe registered engineer has completed the gas safety check and you have received your CP12 Certificate you should keep hold of this record for 2 years and provide a copy of this to any tenants within 28 days of the gas safety check or when new tenants move in to the property to show all the gas appliances are safe to use.

If you are wondering what is on the certificate you will find the following information:


  • The name, ID number and signature of the person who performed the gas safety check;
  • The date of the check;
  • The address of the relevant property;
  • Locations and details of appliances and flues;
  • Any problems the engineer discovered, and any action taken to repair these problems;
  • The name and address of the property owner, i.e. the landlord;
  • A statement from the engineer that confirms that the check was completed properly and that it complies with relevant legislation; and
  • The date of the next scheduled gas safety check.

Why use CP12 Energy for Gas and Heating

A boiler installation company that has been accredited shows to the customer their engineers will follow a code of professional standards and are qualified to complete the boiler installation in a safe manner. If the customer is unhappy with the service, they have a third party to complain to about the engineer and company he works for.

One of the most accredited boiler installation companies in the North East is CP12 Energy. They have five accreditations; Constructionline, The Gas Safe Register, CHAS, FSB and EEA. All of these accreditations show that they are one of the most qualified businesses in the North East and their engineers will show this through their professional boiler installations.

Alongside the accreditations, customer satisfaction plays a big part as it shows if the company goes the extra mile in their service instead of just completing the job they are qualified to do. This is why CP12 Energy have a 100% customer satisfaction rating from every boiler installation they have completed ensuring they provide the best service for your gas and heating needs.