Boiler Installations In A Bedroom – What To Know Newcastle

Boiler Installations In A Bedroom – What To Know Newcastle

The most popular places to install boilers tend to be in kitchens or utility rooms, but that doesn’t have to be the case, as boilers can be installed into other rooms around the home. Due to their compact size boilers can be stored in cupboards or wardrobes and therefore installed into a bedroom.

Not all houses have the space and capacity to have their boiler installed in their kitchen or utility and therefore it is ideal for a smaller home to have a boiler in their bedroom.

While this has its pros, there are many concerns about having a boiler installed in the room where you sleep. So, in this article we will discuss the safety and other considerations about the idea of having a boiler installed into your bedroom.

Safety of sleeping in the same room as a boiler

It is safe to install your boiler into a bedroom as long as it is sealed. This means that it takes the air used for combustion outside and releases the waste air outside the property as well. As a result, the boiler will not emit fumes into your bedroom making your room safe to sleep in.

If the room is unsealed under the Gas Safety Regulations 1998 a room being used to sleep in cannot have a gas boiler over 14kw. So make sure you check the output of the boiler before it is installed.

If you are unsure about the safety of your room then get a gas safe registered engineer to carry out a full assessment of the bedroom. CP12 Energy are all Gas Safe Registered engineers providing the best service for all your gas and heating needs.

What are the considerations of a boiler in a bedroom?

Boilers have developed over time to become quieter but are still not completely silent. All boilers will have some sort of noise such as the flame igniting. Therefore, if the slightest bit of noise keeps you awake at night having a boiler in your bedroom will be a problem.

On the other hand, if you are a deep sleeper you will be fine. But if the noise does get gradually louder and starts to keep you up at night there may be an issue with the boiler rather than it being loud.

Boilers these days are compact in size and can be fit into wardrobes or cupboards out of sight, but this does mean you will have to sacrifice some bedroom space for the boiler to be fit.

Carbon Monoxide
Carbon monoxide is a highly poisonous gas that is produced when there is a fault or an unsafe gas appliance. This does create some risk when a boiler is installed in the bedroom because if a fault occurs the carbon monoxide gas can get through to the bedroom putting yourself in great danger.

However, there are steps in place to prevent or detect a leak early, such as having an annual gas safety check to make sure all gas appliances in the property are safe to use and running efficiently.

Boiler Installations Newcastle

If you’re planning a new boiler installation or replacement and live in Newcastle or the North East check out CP12 Energy and get in touch for quote or to book a visit from one of our gas safe registered engineers with experience and expert knowledge around boilers.